Professional Snow Plowing and Removal for Cambria County, PA

Trust Nagle Excavating & Construction for All Snow Removal

Pennsylvania winters can be tough, but not with Nagle Excavating & Construction. Located in Ebensburg, PA, Nagle Excavating & Construction provides residential and commercial snow removal for all of Cambria County, PA. We have the proper equipment to completely remove the snow from your property, allowing you to move safely from your home or business. We also provide anti-skid and salt removal to prepare you for spring. If you are stuck shoveling your way out this winter, call us at (814) 472-6978 or (814) 241-9725.

Commercial Snow Removal at Nagle Excavating & Construction

Nagle Excavating & Construction provides commercial snow plowing and removal for businesses in Cambria County, PA. Keep your employees and patrons safe by ensuring your driveway or parking lot is clear. If your road or parking lot still has anti-skid and salt remaining after the snow is gone, Nagle Excavating & Construction is here to help. We have the proper equipment to clean winter debris from your parking lot or road to remove hazards and help you clean up. Trust Nagle Excavating & Construction to prepare your business for the warmer months.

Emergency Snow Removal for Ebensburg, PA

Trying to navigate through snow and ice is dangerous and exhausting. Trust Nagle Excavating & Construction to plow your driveway or roadway whenever the weather makes travel difficult. We proudly serve the following Cambria County, PA areas:

Nanty Glo

South Fork


Instead of being stuck inside this winter, call Nagle Excavating & Construction at (814) 472-6978 or (814) 241-9725 for expert snow removal. We will plow or remove all that we can from your home or business, making driving or parking easier. Nagle Excavating & Construction offers free estimates for all services. We do not accept credit card payments.