Sewer System and Line Installation and Replacement Services

Nagle Excavating & Construction Provides Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer lines may need replaced or fixed for a number of reasons. A few causes for sewer line replacement are pipe erosion, neglected clogs, shifting soil, and disturbances above the pipe. If you believe that your sewer line needs replaced, call the expert contractors at Nagle Excavating & Construction in Ebensburg, PA, today at (814) 472-6978 or (814) 241-9725. We have the proper equipment to dig up and replace your residential or commercial sewer line or system.

Signs that it is Time to Replace a Sewer System or Line

There are many ways that a sewer line can become clogged or break. While they are built to last for decades, manmade problems can affect your pipes drastically. Flushing non-flushable items down toilets or drains, pouring grease down the drain, and other factors can cause you to need a new sewer system. If you notice back up in sinks and toilets, mold, a strong sewer smell in your home or around the line area, that could be a sign that your sewer line needs replaced. Trust Nagle Excavating & Construction to completely remove and replace your sewer line or system efficiently and correctly. If you believe that your sewer system is damaged or needs replaced, contact us immediately to prevent any sewage from entering your home or business.

Free Estimates for Sewer Line Replacement in Cambria County, PA

Nagle Excavating & Construction in Ebensburg, PA, offers free estimates for sewer line installation and replacement. We have the proper skills and equipment to provide quick and efficient service to all Cambria County, PA, customers. Our contractors are able to dig the proper trenches and install the pipes to have your sewer system up and running in no time. We provide service to the following areas:

Nanty Glo

South Fork


Call Nagle Excavating & Construction today at (814) 472-6978 or (814) 241-9725 to schedule your free estimate.