Professional Foundation Repair for Settling or Cracked Foundations

Nagle Excavating & Construction Repairs Cracked Foundations

Nagle Excavating & Construction in Ebensburg, PA, offers repair services for cracked foundations. A cracked foundation can be caused by many different things, including settling, water damage, and other serious problems. Nagle Excavating & Construction provides all types of concrete jobs, and we will work with you to fix your cracked foundation. We can also provide the proper excavating services and assistance with waterproofing your home or basement to avoid further cracking. Call Nagle Excavating & Construction today at (814) 472-6978 or (814) 241-9725 for a free estimate on foundation repair services.

How to Fix Foundation Settlement for Homes in Ebensburg, PA

Foundations may settle because of the soil contracting underneath it. Water and snow cause soil to expand, while dry weather causes soil to contract, and in turn moves the foundation as it continues to shift. If your foundation has shifted, your home becomes susceptible to water damage or further expensive damages. If you notice that your windows are hard to open or close, your foundation walls are developing cracks, your floors are slanting to one side or another, or your home is noticeably sinking, it is time to look into having your foundation repaired. Nagle Excavating & Construction in Ebensburg, PA, has the proper training and equipment to fix your foundation and save your home from further damage. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Call Nagle Excavating & Construction for Basement Wall Cracks

If you see cracks on your basement walls, it could be a sign of a foundation problem or water damage. Once your basement walls begin to crack or look bowed, it is crucial to have them inspected and fixed before the problem becomes more severe. Bowed walls are a sign of pressure from soil, water, or other problems that may cause the wall to cave in. Call Nagle Excavating & Construction at (814) 472-6978 or (814) 241-9725 to have trained contractors inspect and fix your basement walls. We are fully licensed and insured, and ready to take on your project. We provide service to Lilly, South Fork, and Nicktown, PA, and the surrounding areas.